How Red Wine and Apples Help Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease

The power of Polyphenols

Red wine and Apples are two of the main foods of the Mediterranean diet. Recent studies suggest that consuming them in the right way can reduce the risk of cancer and heart problems.

The traditional Mediterranean diet is important for our health because its foods contain healthy elements.

A good example are Polyphenols. Apples and Red wines are a great source of Polyphenols. Polyphenols are chemicals mostly found in the fruit skins. According to wikipedia, they have an anti-oxidant action that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.  


Do you remember the ancient saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Now we know it's true. A study conduced by the Italian cancer league ( confirms it.

Researchers have demonstrated that eating Apples helps in reducing the cancer cells by:

  • 40-60% (Eat the skin)
  • 30-40% (Eat only the pulp)

Other recent researches have shown that eating apples helps to:

  • Prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells -- thanks to the presence of the flavonoid Quercetin, an anti-oxidant
  • Inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells -- thanks to the skin of apples
  • Reduce the risk of lung cancer
  • Inhibit the developments of bladder cancer, especially in smokers

Red Wine

Another great source of polyphenols is Red wine. In November 2007 issue of The FASEB Journal (, French researches found that Polyphenols play a beneficial role on heart and circulatory system. Polyphenols found in the skin and around the pips of red grapes (not White) facilitate the blood vessel growth.

The quantity of polyphenols necessary to obtain these effects are the equivalent of 1 glass of wine a day. The wines that boast the biggest amount of polyphenols are those using Tannat, a red wine grape grown in southern France, among other places. should you live to improve your health?

  • Eat fruit outside of the principal meals. You can use it as snack. Helpful to lose weight too.
  • Eat 2 fruits at least 2 times a day.
  • Replace fatty snacks with home made apple pie
  • Drink a glass of wine a day, such as at dinner

Enrico Forte is an Italian diet and nutrition expert. He has many years of experience as a boxing athlete and trainer. He works with the "Mazzarino" associated nutritionists center in Catania, Sicily to test new ways to combine the benefits of the Mediterranean style diet with sport activities.